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Mature content
One Piece PETs: Sleepwear (Luffy and Zoro's POV) :iconmoonlitinuyasha1985:moonlitinuyasha1985 5 3
Mature content
The Shy Babe :iconmoonlitinuyasha1985:moonlitinuyasha1985 5 29
Mature content
One Piece PETs: Cockblocking :iconmoonlitinuyasha1985:moonlitinuyasha1985 9 50
Borra: The Avatar's Guidance Chapter Seven
Borra: The Avatar's Guidance
Chapter Seven: Lin's Warning

(I do not, nor will I EVER, own The Legend of Korra. This series belongs to Bryke.)
Inside a Dai Li fortress, there were a bunch of airbenders standing in pairs...and among them was Kai.
"You are the property of the Earth Kingdom," one Dai Li agent dictated, "you will become the Earth Queen's elite fighting force and protect her at all cost."
Kai only sneered at the man.
"It is your duty to serve the Earth Queen." the Dai Li agent added.
    On that, the airbenders began sparring with each other. Some were able to knock each other back by shooting air from their fists or their kicks, Kai was the only one who didn't get hit. He was currently facing a young airbender, who looked as if he were in his early 20s.
"Go easy on me!" he cried. "I'm not that good."
    Feeling sorry for the man, Kai only shot a light burst of air from his fist, which his sparring partner easily dodged. The young man sm
:iconmoonlitinuyasha1985:moonlitinuyasha1985 6 9
Mature content
One Piece PETs: Streaking :iconmoonlitinuyasha1985:moonlitinuyasha1985 9 8
Mature content
Tarzan: Crossover Style! Chapter Fourteen :iconmoonlitinuyasha1985:moonlitinuyasha1985 6 9
Mature content
One Piece PETs: Twister :iconmoonlitinuyasha1985:moonlitinuyasha1985 8 10
Borra: The Avatar's Guidance Chapter Six
Borra: The Avatar's Guidance
Chapter Six: Devising a plan

(I do not, nor will I EVER, own The Legend of Korra. This series belongs to Bryke.)
At Tu's apartment, Bolin, Mako, Haku, and Huanle were waiting with the brothers' family.
"I got it!" Tu exclaimed, bursting into his apartment, holding three passports. "These passports should get you into the Upper Ring."
"Awesome!" Bolin smiled. "Tu, you're the best cousin a guy could have!"
Though, upon hearing Bolin's words, everyone in the room frowned, thinking that Bolin was choosing favorites.
"And my other cousins, as well," Bolin added, trying to make the situation less awkward, "yeah. Yeah, you're all the best."
"Thanks," Mako spoke to Tu as he, Bolin, and Haku took their passports, "I know this wasn't easy."
"If only we could repay you, somehow," lamented Haku.
"There's no need," replied Tu, "The fact that we got to see you is reward enough."
Haku smiled up at Tu.
"It's such a shame you three must leave so soon." Yin spoke
:iconmoonlitinuyasha1985:moonlitinuyasha1985 5 12
Mature content
One Piece PETs: Sleepwear :iconmoonlitinuyasha1985:moonlitinuyasha1985 7 6
Food Now!
Food Now!
(I do not, nor will I EVER, own One Piece. This endearing series belongs to Ze Great Eiichiro Oda.)
"Food now." Belle spoke to her mother.
"Belle, honey, you're going to have to wait." Nami replied as she cooked.
"Food now!"
"Look, Belle, I'm sorry, but--"
"Monkey D. Bellemere, you will wait for your breakfast!!!" Nami scolded.
Belle crossed her arms as she frowned at her mother.
    This was usually a routine morning for the Monkey Family. Nami would cook, Belle would demand food, and Luffy would just lie on the couch, watching the show.
"Feed me now, Mommy!" Belle demanded.
"Belle, you have to wait!" Nami argued. "If you eat your food the way it is now, you'll get sick!"
Belle growled before she ran over to a little corner in the room, glaring at her mother.
"Don't give me that look, missy." Nami scolded.
Belle just kept glaring.
"Luffy, do something!" Nami called.
"Belle, stop glaring at your mother." Luffy spoke, not taking his eyes off
:iconmoonlitinuyasha1985:moonlitinuyasha1985 6 8
Mature content
One Piece PETs: Belle :iconmoonlitinuyasha1985:moonlitinuyasha1985 6 21
Borra: The Avatar's Guidance Chapter Five
Borra: The Avatar's Guidance
Chapter Five: Hidden Darkness

(I do not, nor will I EVER, own The Legend of Korra. This series belongs to Bryke.)
The bandits riding their motorcycles circled around Korra and Asami, laughing and hollering.
Korra grunted as she tried to keep the baby in her belly calm.
"Take it easy in there," she whispered.
The infant settled down upon hearing his mother's voice.
The bandits parked their motorcycles, surrounding Korra and Asami.
"Step away from the gold, ladies," spoke the leader, "and you won't get hurt." He looked over at Korra. "Especially you...I don't think even I would hurt a pregnant girl."
'Seriously?!' Korra thought. 'I was told nobody would notice!!'
(A/N: You were lied to!)
"Sorry to disappoint you, but we're taking this gold back to Ba Sing Se." Korra replied.
"Aww, we love gals with spirit," responded the leader as he approached Korra, "suit yourself."
With that, he went in for the attack.
"Just because I'm pregnant doesn'
:iconmoonlitinuyasha1985:moonlitinuyasha1985 7 8
One Piece PETs: Stormy Night
One Piece PETs: Stormy Night
(I do not, nor will I EVER, own One Piece. This riveting tale belongs to Ze Great Eiichiro Oda.)
    The Straw Hats were sailing through the New World, but it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. Night clouds blocked out the moon's light, as well as the light of the stars. Rain came falling down from the clouds above, and if that wasn't enough, thunder echoed as lighting appeared from the clouds. It was definitely signs of a storm.
"Good thing we have our raincoats." Nami piped up, wearing a pink raincoat. "Still, this is some nasty weather."
"Only in the New World." added Usopp, wearing a yellow raincoat.
*BABOOM!!* Thunder rumbled and a lightning bolt cracked the sky.
"Aah!" Aika, wearing a cyan raincoat, shrieked as she hid behind Nami.
"Aww, Aika," Nami cooed as she pet Aika, "it's okay. Thunder can't hurt you."
"Yeah," Zoro replied, wearing a pine green coat, "It's the lightning you gotta look out for, squirt. One hit and BOOM
:iconmoonlitinuyasha1985:moonlitinuyasha1985 8 28
Tarzan: Crossover Style! Chapter Thirteen
Tarzan: Crossover Style!
Chapter Thirteen: Rescue

(I do not, nor will I EVER, own Inuyasha, One Piece, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, or Tarzan. They all belong to their respective owners.)
Eduardo and Carrot were walking through the Whale Forest, when suddenly, Eduardo gasped upon hearing a scream in the distance.
"Carrot!" he called. "That...that sounded like Inuyasha! I think he's in trouble!"
"Why doesn't he get his new friends to help him?" Carrot questioned, irritably. "I couldn't care less about him."
She walked away, much to the growing ire of Eduardo.
"Uh...I, err--" Carrot stammered.
"Now, shut up and hang on tight!" Eduardo added, putting her on his back. "We've got a boat to catch."
With that, the imaginary friend charged through the forest with Carrot screaming the
:iconmoonlitinuyasha1985:moonlitinuyasha1985 8 23
One Piece PETs: Sea Freak
One Piece PETs: Sea Freak
(I do not, nor will I EVER, own One Piece. This beyond amazing series belongs to Ze Great Eiichiro Oda.)
    In a slightly dark room, filled with liquor, money, and the smell of cigarette smoke, four individuals were sitting on a couch, listening to some records.
Who else would it be Luffy, Robin, Franky, and, two cats?
Do not ask why they're there. Just simply enjoy the story.
    Oh, and Luffy wasn't smoking, for those wondering. He's simply sucking on a lollipop. "It's strawberry-flavored." Luffy pointed out. "Yummy!"
Robin chuckled, holding a cigarette in between her feathers, as well as a can of booze. "Because I can."
    Brook hummed as he searched through the records, smoke coming out of his cigarette and his eye sockets. "Ah, here it is," he spoke up, finding a Bink's Brew record, "Just what I was looking for."
He removed the previous record from the record player, and placed the
:iconmoonlitinuyasha1985:moonlitinuyasha1985 7 16
Borra: The Avatar's Guidance Chapter Four
Borra: The Avatar's Guidance
Chapter Four: The Earth Queen

(I do not, nor will I EVER, own The Legend of Korra. This series belongs to Bryke.)
The whole crew was on their way to Ba Sing Se.
During their trip, Korra, Tenzin, and Haku watched as Bumi sparred with Kai.
"C'mon, Kai!" Haku cheered. "You can do it!"
"Light on your feet, Uncle Bumi," Jinora instructed, "Remember, you want to be quick and evasive."
"Don't worry about me, little lady," replied Bumi, throwing some punches, "I've been in a scrap or two, you know. Ha ha."
He looked back at Kai.
"Oh, you're just a youngster," he told him, "so I'll go easy on ya. Wouldn't want to hurt a kid."
Big mistake.
Kai ran up, slid on the floor, and sent a blast of air at Bumi's legs, knocking him over!
"All right!" Haku cheered. "Way to go!"
"Uncle Bumi, you've got to work on your stance changes." Jinora spoke as she and Kai helped Bumi on his feet. "Kai, that was just...really good."
"Thanks, Jinora," Kai replied, rubbing the back of
:iconmoonlitinuyasha1985:moonlitinuyasha1985 6 17
This is my gallery full of fanfics and photos.:) Hope you like!:aww:


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One Piece

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Does anybody even care about the fact that I'm writing a parody of Sleeping Beauty? 

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One Piece PETs: Sleepwear (Luffy and Zoro's POV)

(I do not, nor will I EVER, own One Piece. This magnificent gem of a series belongs to Ze Great Eiichiro Oda.)

***Luffy's POV***

What kind of sleepwear do I like seeing Nami wear?

Well, I like to see where things look kinda loose on her. Not anything too bulky, though, like a large shirt on her. That just hides everything.

What I like is to see her wear anything that's see-through. You know, like one of those silk gowns with a bra and panties set underneath.

I also like it when she wears those babydolls, or whatever you call 'em. They look really cute on her!

"Thank you, baby!"

(A/N: Nami.)

*Nami kisses Luffy on the cheek*


(A/N: Luffy.)

Aww, I love her.

"And I love you, too."

(A/N: Nami.)

Now where was I? Oh, yeah!

Nami's babydolls are cute!

Uh...what else is there?

Hmm...well, she wears really sexy lingerie. You know, like that lacy stuff and those little windows on the bra?

I like those. Especially the babydolls with the peek-a-boo holes on the cups. Easier access to her boobs.

"You just love my cans, don't you?"

"What can I say? They're big, they're luscious, and just downright sexy."

"Why thank you, Gummy Monkey!"

*Nami kisses Luffy on his cheek*

Sweet, right?

I think she is.

Anyway, I like when she wears flannel pajamas. Yes, I said "flannel". Can't always dress sexy. It's nice to go casual! Ask anybody!

"It sure is!"

(A/N: Aika.)

*Kumi yips*

"Oh, hey girls! ...Wait, what are you doing here? You should be in bed."

(A/N: Luffy.)

"We're not tired."

(A/N: Aika.)

"Oh, boy. Well, I guess you could stay with me for a bit."

(A/N: Luffy.)


(A/N: Aika.)

"But listen, I'm gonna cover your ears, okay?"


"Just because."


"And cover Kumi's ears, too."

*Aika covers Kumi's ears*

"Like this?"


*Luffy covers Aika's ears*

Okay, back to sleep clothing matters.

Nami has a lot of satin robes that she likes to wear. Nice and loose-fitting on her, too.

Sometimes she'd wear nothing underneath, which I like. Makes it more fun, that way, know what I mean?

Oh, and she has a lot of peig-new-as? What do you call them?

"Peignoirs, Luffy."

(A/N: Nami.)


(A/N: Luffy.)

They're really flowy.

I also like her in nightgowns. She has a lot of them, and they make her look kinda fancy!

"Thank you, Lulu-chan!"

"You're welcome! Shishishi!"

Okay, what else do I like?


Well...I just like how they all make her look hot. I mean, seriously, Nami looks good in anything!

"You know it."

(A/N: Nami.)

*Nami snaps her fingers*

"Shishishishi! Good one!"

"What? I didn't hear you!"

(A/N: Aika.)

"Don't worry about it, Aika."

(A/N: Luffy.)


(A/N: Aika.)

"What did he say?!"

(A/N: Kumi.)

Anyhoo, what else is there? Uh...hmm...maybe that's it?

Guess you can take this one, Zoro.

"Glad to."

(A/N: Zoro.)

***Zoro's POV***

Okay, so here goes.

I like when Robin wears anything sexy, particularly something pretty revealing. Like lingerie. Something lacy in particular. Like, say...a teddy?

*Robin chuckles*

"Of course, Zoro."

(A/N: Robin.)

*Zoro blushes and clears his throat*

    Right, anyway, Robin wore this really sexy teddy on my birthday that I really liked. And I mean REALLY liked. Her hair was done up in a nice style, she wore makeup, and she just looked fantastic.

"Thank you, Tiger."

"You're welcome, Robin."

*Robin kisses Zoro's cheek*

Love that woman.

Anyway, what else?

"What about her nightgowns?"

(A/N: Luffy.)

Oh, yeah. Robin has a lot of those, since they're the only thing her boobs can fit into. Seriously, though. Her jugs are huge.

She's a J-Cup. Yes, that size exists. Look it up. I know it doesn't sound possible, but it does.

Even so, they make her look great. I might sound like the cook for saying this, but it's the truth.

"Why thank you, Tiger."

(A/N: Robin.)

"No problem."


She also likes to tease me with her see-through nightgowns. I mean, my god...!

You can see everything. And I mean everything.

Her boobs, her plump ass, every curve on her gorgeous body...making me hard just thinking about it.

...Umm...pardon me, I'll be right back.

***Short break brought to you by Yoko punching Kamina (A Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann reference)***

Ahh...much better.

Anyway, Robin has a pair of Sylvester PJs. She loves Sylvester. If anyone laughs, I'll kick your ass.


That's what I thought.

Now then, Robin has some robes that she likes to wear. Those satin robes, know what I mean?

The kind that she likes to wear when she's in the mood. And I mean REALLY in the mood.

"Down, Tiger."

(A/N: Robin.)

"Sorry. Can't help it."

(A/N: Zoro.)

"Your libido rivals that of a lion's."

(A/N: Sanji.)

"Shouldn't you be baking cookies?"

(A/N: Zoro.)

"Already baked them."

(A/N: Sanji.)


(A/N: Aika.)

*Sanji pets Aika*


"Relax, I'm going."

*Sanji leaves*

Good riddance.

Now to get back my sexy fiancee and her sexy sleepwear.

*Robin chuckles*

"Oh, Zoro."

(A/N: Robin.)

"Yeah, I know. I'm ridiculous."

(A/N: Zoro.)

"You got that right!"

(A/N: Sanji.)

"Shut up!!"

(A/N: Zoro.)

Damn fox. Has to ruin everything.

At any rate, sometimes she'd sleep in her bra and underwear, and hell...she'd even sleep in the buff.

...What? It gets really hot at night.

I'm sure other people do the same.

"I know Nami and I do!"

(A/N: Luffy.)

"Especially in summer climates."

(A/N: Nami.)


Anyway, I guess that covers everything. G'night, everybody.

*Zoro falls asleep*
One Piece PETs: Sleepwear (Luffy and Zoro's POV)
:iconreadplz: AND :iconcommentplz:

One Piece PETs: Sleepwear (Luffy and Zoro's POV)
by moonlitinuyasha1985
Rating: T+
Pairing: LuffyxNami & ZoroxRobin
Summary: The guys give their two cents on their girls' sleepwear. Takes place post-timeskip.

Now it's the guys' turn! :D

For more information on Animal People, read this-->…

Nami - Booted Puss…
Luffy - Black-capped Capuchin Monkey Man…
Zoro - Siberian Tiger Man…
Robin - Purple Eurasian Crane Woman (Unavailable)

The PETs AU, as well as Nami's Booted Puss design (c) :icontyrackwolfii:
Luffy, Nami, Robin, and Zoro (c) Eiichiro Oda
Aika and Kumi (c) :iconxfangheartx:
The fic (c) :iconxfangheartx: & :iconmoonlitinuyasha1985:.
Who's ready for the new season of Pit Bulls and Parolees?
I will never, ever set foot in the state of Mississippi for as long as I'm alive.

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The Shy Babe

(I do not, nor will I EVER, own One Piece. This heartwarming series belongs to Ze Great Eiichiro Oda.)

November 2nd, and it was a very special day indeed.

The newest addition to the Roronoa/Nico family would be born.

At the moment, Robin was in the birthing room with Zoro at her side...and she was in a great deal of pain.

"'I want another baby', he says!" Robin shouted, gripping Zoro's hand. "'Let's have another baby', he says!! That is THE LAST TIME you and I have sex on the roof, Roronoa Zoro!!"

"It wasn't my fault!!" Zoro cried. "Sheesh!!"

"Just one more push!" exclaimed the doctor. "You can do it, Miss Nico!"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!" Robin screamed as she pushed one more time.

"GOOD GOD, MY HAND!!!" Zoro cried.

Not long after...the sound of a wailing infant filled the air.

"How is she...?" Robin asking, panting heavily. "How's our baby...?"

"She's beautiful, ma'am." answered the doctor, holding a tiny, crying babe. "A healthy baby girl."

Robin smiled, tears forming in her eyes while Zoro kissed her forehead.

"You did it again, Robin," he whispered, "Great job."

"May I hold her?" Robin asked.

"Of course," the doctor nodded, "just have to clean her up, first."

After doing just that, the doctor handed Robin a tiny baby girl, wrapped up in a pink blanket.

"Hello, Kuina," she whispered, "It's so nice to finally see you."

Kuina cooed softly as Robin held her close.

"I'm so happy...!" Robin whispered, tears falling form her eyes.

    Kuina reached her tiny hand out to touch her mother's face, as if to wipe away her tears. That's when Hanako, their son, entered, followed by Luffy, Nami, and their daughter, Belle.

"Hey, Mom," Hanako greeted.

"Hello, Hanako," Robin spoke, softly, "come meet your little sister."

Hanako smiled as he got a good look at Kuina.

"Hi, little sis," he whispered, "I'm your big brother, Hanako."

Kuina glanced up at her older brother with great interest.

'This is my brother,' she thought, 'My big brother!'

"Hi, Kuina!" Belle greeted, getting in between Hanako and Kuina. "I'm Belle! Your cool cousin!"

Kuina gasped in fright, for she hid her face in her mother's bosom.

"Eh?" Belle muttered. "Why's she covering her face?"

"Umm, Belle?" Nami asked. "Maybe you shouldn't have jumped out like that."

"Oh," Belle realized, "sorry."

"Kuina, it's all right." Robin comforted her fearful child. "Belle didn't mean to scare you. She's just very excited to see you. Please come out."

'No!' Kuina thought. 'She's loud and scary!'

"Kuina, Belle's sorry for scaring you." Zoro told her. "C'mon, it's okay. You can look at her."

Kuina took one quick glance at Belle, and she returned to hiding her face in Robin's chest.

'I still think she's scary.' she thought.

Belle blinked, as if disappointed.

'Dang,' she thought, 'Something tells me I didn't make a good first impression.'

***Short timeskip brought to you by Yusuke's Shot Gun (A Yu Yu Hakusho reference)***

Three days subsequent to Kuina's birth, the Roronoa/Nico family brought the newborn and Robin home from the hospital.

"Here we are," Zoro smiled.

"This is our home, Kuina." Hanako spoke to his sister, who was in her car seat. "And now, it's yours, too."

Kuina looked up at her brother, and at her home.

'It's so pretty,' she thought, 'I wonder what the inside looks like.'

    Kuina got her answer when Hanako took her out of her car seat, got her out of the car, and brought her inside. In her eyes, it was the biggest place she had ever seen.

"Wanna see your room?" Hanako asked.

Kuina cooed happily as Hanako held her.

"I'll take that as a yes." Hanako chuckled.

With that, he took her to Kuina's nursery, followed by Robin and Zoro.

"Here we are," Hanako spoke, entering a room that was painted lavender and had baby cranes on the wall, "hope you like it, Kuina."

'I love it!' Kuina smiled. 'I really love it!'

She squealed happily in Hanako's arms.

"She loves it." he noted.

"Clearly," Zoro smiled.

Kuina held her arms out to Robin.

"Aww, come here, baby," Robin cooed as she held her.

Kuina smiled up at her mother, who gently brushed her hair from her eyes. At that moment, the infant girl yawned.

"Are you tired?" Robin asked, and Kuina nodded. "Well, I know just the thing for that."

She placed Kuina in her new crib.

'I like this,' Kuina thought, 'I feel safe in here.'

"Sleep well, my little one." Robin whispered. "Sweet dreams."

Little Kuina slept soundly in her crib, with her family watching over her.

"She's so precious," Zoro whispered.

"Yes," Robin agreed, "I know she is."

Kuina sighed as she slept. Her family left her to her rest, but as they did, Zoro noticed a look of concern on Robin's face.

"What's up, Robin?" Zoro asked.

"'s about what happened at the hospital," Robin answered, "when Kuina saw Belle."

"You mean when she got scared of her?" Zoro asked, and Robin nodded. "Oh."

"I noticed that, too," Hanako chimed in, "I know Belle meant well, but she's a little...umm..."

"Hyperactive?" Robin asked.

"Right," Hanako answered, "Thanks, Mom."

"She gets that from Luffy." Zoro added.

"Zoro, I'm worried," Robin spoke up, "what if she and Belle never get along?"

"Oh, I wouldn't worry about that," Zoro assured, "We were afraid Hanako wouldn't get along with Belle, and look at them!"

"That's true," Robin noted, "but Kuina's not Belle."

"Well, I guess we'll see," spoke Zoro.

***Short timeskip brought to you by Hiei becoming the Dragon of the Darkness Flame (A Yu Yu Hakusho reference)***

Days went by and more of Kuina's personality began to show.

She was shown to be rather timid, always hiding behind Robin or Hanako, and she would get frightened very easily, especially around loud noises.

She was also quiet, sometimes. She would hardly cry, which Zoro and Robin were grateful for when they needed a good night's sleep.

Though, they would often worry about whether or not she had been eating enough, given how frail she was. But somehow, she managed.

    Be that as it may, the one problem with Kuina was her relationship with Belle. Whenever she came to visit, Kuina would always start crying when she so much as looked at her.

"Kuina, it's all right!" Robin tried to calm her down. "It's just Belle, she won't hurt you!"

"Yeah, look!" Belle added as she grinned...though Kuina only cried even more. "Dang, I thought for sure that would make her smile."

'Make her go away, Mama!' Kuina thought as she wailed. 'Make her go away!'

"Is there anything you can do to make her stop crying?" Luffy asked, covering his ears.

"I can only think of one," Zoro answered, "Belle, I hate to do this, have to go out!"

"But Uncle Zoro--" Belle started.

"You can stay in Hanako's room for right now," Zoro interjected.

"Okay." Belle complied, dismally. She walked upstairs to Hanako's room and Kuina immediately ceasing her crying.

"...Holy s***, it worked!" Luffy said.

"Luffy, don't curse in front of Kuina." Robin scolded.

"Sorry," Luffy replied.

"...Is this really how Kuina's gonna see Belle?" Nami asked.

"Unfortunately." Robin sighed. "As much as we hate it, we have to do what's best for her."

"But Belle's about as scary as a bunny rabbit!" Luffy argued. "She wouldn't hurt Kuina!"

"That's not the problem," Zoro explained, "Belle's way too high-strung and hyperactive."

"And Kuina frightens easily," Hanako added. "Belle traumatized her the moment she was born, so it's possible Kuina will never get used to her."

"But she didn't mean to scare her." Nami explained. "She was just excited to meet her."

"Too excited," Zoro pointed out, "she gets that from Luffy."

"Hey!" Luffy snapped.

"At any rate," Zoro added, ignoring Luffy, "this is probably for the best."

Luffy and Nami glanced up the stairs, worriedly.

"Poor Belle," Nami spoke. 'She just wants to be friends with Kuina.' she added in thought. 'If only she'd just give her a chance.'

***Short timeskip brought to you by Yahiko fighting with Kaoru (A Rurouni Kenshin reference)***

    Hanako was left to watch Kuina while Zoro and Robin went out. The infant was lying nearby on her mat, playing with her toys, and Hanako was on the couch, playing Angry Birds on his tablet.


"Who could that be?" Hanako asked as he got up to answer the door.

He opened the it, and there was Belle.

"Belle?" Hanako inquired. "What're you doing here?"

"Mom and Daddy are out," Belle answered, "so they said I could hang with you and Kuina until they get back."

"Uh...Belle, that's not really a good idea," Hanako replied.

"Hey, that's what I tried to tell them!" Belle explained. "But it's not like they can leave me at home on my own!"

"That's true." Hanako sighed. "Fine, you can come in, but don't let Kuina see you."

"Got it," Belle answered. She stepped inside the Roronoa/Nico residence, making sure to avoid being seen by Kuina.

Kuina was too busy playing with her toys to even notice her, thank goodness.

'I really hate this,' Belle lamented, 'I just wanna be friends with her!'

As Kuina played with her toys, she suddenly looked up, as if sensing something.

'Something's not right,' Kuina thought, 'It's like there's something that shouldn't be here.'

Kuina looked around, but found nothing.

'Huh.' she muttered. 'Guess it was just my imagination.'

Hanako sighed in relief while Belle hid behind the wall. "That was close."

    Belle only looked down at the floor, holding her in arm in remorse. She felt terrible for scaring Kuina, but she wanted so badly to be friends with her. 'What can I do to make her see that I'm not a threat?'

    Kuina continued playing with her toys, unaware of Belle's presence. Suddenly, the ball she was playing with rolled away, right into the backyard. Hanako had forgotten to close the sliding glass door earlier.

'My ball!' Kuina cried as she crawled after it.

At that instant, Hanako and Belle came into the living room, only to gasp upon seeing that Kuina wasn't there.

"Where'd she go?!" Belle asked.

"Oh, crap!!" Hanako cursed as he spotted the open sliding door. "The door to the backyard's open!!"

"Why didn't you close it!?" Belle questioned, blitzing past him and went outside.

However...Kuina was nowhere to be found. The only thing Belle saw was a loose board in the fence.

"She couldn't have crawled through there, could she?" she asked herself. "It looks small enough."

Belle looked over the fence to see if she could spot Kuina.

"Do you see her?" Hanako asked. "Is she okay?"

"Uhh...oh! There she is!" Belle exclaimed, having spotted Kuina in a corner of the yard. "Aww, she's playing with her ball."

That's when she also noticed a doghouse nearby. "Uh-oh..."

"What's the 'Uh-oh' for?"

"Umm...there's a doghouse back here."


"I don't see the dog...!"


    Just then, Belle heard a growling noise...coming from the doghouse, and soon after, she saw it: a vicious-looking Bulldog, a chain linked to his collar, stalking the unsuspecting Kuina.

"Now the dog's after Kuina!" Belle cried, jumping over the fence.

"Wait, Belle!!" Hanako cried.

His cries fell on deaf ears, for Belle was already over the fence.

Kuina was playing with her ball, oblivious to the danger behind her. That's when the bulldog barked and charged at her.

"Eh?" Kuina muttered, prior she looked over her shoulder and gasped.

The bulldog growled as he got closer and closer, causing Kuina to scream in fear.


*WHACK!!* Out of nowhere, Belle appears and hit the bulldog in the mouth a stick! *YIPE!!!* The canine yelped.

Kuina gaped in awe at what Belle had done.

'Belle saved me...? I don't believe it...!'

"You okay?" Belle asked, picking up Kuina.

A pause...until Kuina cooed happily.

'Thank you, Belle!' she thought.

"Belle!!" Hanako called. "Hurry up!! That dog's getting his second wind!!!"

"Crud!" Belle exclaimed as she ran with Kuina in her arms.

The bulldog growled before giving chase. Belle climbed on top of the fence, while holding Kuina, and Hanako grabbed her hand.

"Come on!"


Hanako quickly pulled Belle over the fence, the bulldog just narrowly missing her foot.


"Ha!!" Belle laughed. "Missed me!!"

She blew a raspberry at the dog before making her escape.

"Here you go," Belle handed Kuina back to Hanako, "Safe and sound."

But then, Kuina cried out, reaching for Belle.

"I think she wants to go back to you." Hanako noted.

"Really?" Belle asked. "But I thought that she didn't like me."

"Beh!" Kuina exclaimed. "Beh!"

"She does, now." Hanako spoke.

Belle gasped in surprise...but then she beamed.

"I never thought that this day would come...!" she squeaked. At that point, she took Kuina into her arms, causing her to squeal happily. "I'm...I'm holding her," Belle started, "and she's laughing...!"

"Remember, don't be too excited," reminded Hanako.

"Right, got it." Belle nodded.

"Beh!" Kuina repeated, patting Belle's cheek.

"Shishishi!" Belle giggled. "'re so cute, Kuina."

Soon, Hanako heard the sound of a car pulling up.

"Mom and Dad are home," he spoke.

"Think we should tell them what happened?" Belle inquired.

"They're probably gonna ask anyway," Hanako answered.

"We're home!" Robin called. "Hanako? Kuina?"

"We're back here, Mom!" called Hanako.

Robin and Zoro met their children and Belle in the backyard. The both of them were surprised to see Belle holding Kuina.

"...Am I dreaming?" Zoro asked.

"It's no dream, Uncle Zoro!" Belle answered. "Kuina and I are friends, now!"

Kuina squealed happily, hugging Belle.

"...All right, what happened?" Zoro asked.

"Kuina crawled off into the neighbor's yard," Hanako answered.

"WHAT?!" Robin questioned. "WHY!?"

"Uhh...I may have accidentally left the backdoor open," Hanako answered.

"Hanako, we've told you many times to close that door after you go out into the backyard," Robin chided, "Do I need to remind you of the last time you left it open?"

"You let a skunk in the house," Zoro added. "the whole place stunk for weeks."

"Ahem!" Hanako cleared his throat. "Anyway, Kuina crawled into the neighbors' yard and she was almost attacked by their bulldog, but then Belle jumped over the fence and saved her!"

"She did?" Zoro asked.

"Yep!" Belle grinned. "Now we're best friends!"

Kuina squealed happily at this.

"That's wonderful," Robin smiled, "I'm so happy for the both of you."

"Me, too, Aunt Robin!" Belle grinned.

Kuina giggled happily as she hugged Belle and kissed her face.

"Shishishi!" Belle laughed. "I love you, too, Kuina."

From that day forth, Belle and Kuina were inseparable. It was like Belle had gotten the little sister she never had.

"Yay!" Belle cheered. "At last!!"

Kuina laughed as Belle held her, and Hanako only smiled.

'Nice to see them getting along,' he thought, 'For a moment, I thought we'd have to get a restraining order on Belle.'

Good thing you didn't, huh?

"Yeah," Hanako grinned.

"Hanako, who're you talking to?" Zoro asked.

"Err, nobody Dad!" Hanako answered.

"Shishishishi!" Belle giggled while Kuina cooed.

The Shy Babe
:iconreadplz: AND :iconcommentplz:

Kuina being scared of Belle.

Had this idea sitting in my head for quite a while, now. Oh, and this takes place within the One Piece/Ouran High School Host Club crossover.

Robin, Zoro, Luffy, and Nami (c) Eiichiro Oda
Hanako, Belle, and Kuina (c) :iconxfangheartx:
The fic (c) :iconxfangheartx: & :iconmoonlitinuyasha1985:.
Back when I was a fan of Fairy Tail, I had this idea for a crossover between that and One Piece (I realize now that those two series must never cross over, because FT sucks), and for my headcanon, Rogue would have a crush on Robin (And why not? Robin's hot.), and he wouldn't like Zoro very much, because he's dating Robin.
The service went well.

I said my tribute to my Dad. He looked so different in his coffin. He looked as if he were at peace.

Afterwards, we had a celebration dedicated to him and it lasted from 9:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M.

The music was loud. Surprised I haven't gone deaf. At any rate, things went all right.

A lot of people kept asking me if I was okay, and I told them that I wasn't. I don't think I'll ever be okay.

My Mom will be taking his body to Ghana, because that's where we're burying him. Shannon and I won't be going with her, because it'll be too crowded at his memorial. We'll go next year.

Not many people know this, but my Dad was a famous soccer player. You can look up Robert Hammond, and you'll find pictures of him.

At any rate, I will miss my Dad.
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I never thought that this day would come, but Fairy Tail's finally over! :iconhappytearsplz:

I dropped this series years ago, and I never looked back. To hear that it had finally ended is one of the best things ever! ^^

Don't really know how it all ended, and I don't frankly care.

Tell me what you guys think about FT finally ending.
Going to my Dad's funeral. It starts at 6:00 and will end at 2:00 A.M.

We're going now to beat traffic.

See you all tomorrow.
I am so sorry that the manga reviews were late.

My Mom, and my sister, and I had to buy shoes for Shannon and I to wear to Dad's funeral tomorrow. We already had our outfits made.

In my parents' culture, they wear Ghanaian clothing to funerals.

At any rate, I had to take my car to get an oil change. Usually, I hate having to wait through those when I had to take my Mom's car to get an oil change, but this time, I had the apps of my favorite stores on my phone to keep me from getting bored out of my skull.

Later, I get my eye brows and upper lip waxed, take my sister to get her nails done, etc.

My brain was so frazzled that I forgot to pick up my foster sister from Girls Inc. Mom wasn't too happy about that.

We were supposed to go to a private viewing at the funeral home where Dad was, but we ended up not going. :(

That, and Mom and I were supposed to go buy makeup for me to wear to the funeral today, but we ended up not going to buy that, either.

I'm so not ready for this. :(
Would've updated sooner, but I had a lot of errands to run, including prepping for my Dad's funeral. Stupid Mangastream didn't post chapter 873 of One Piece. :X

One Piece 873-
We finally see one of the islands under Shanks' protection. :)-->… What a way to go! -->… Poor Compote, you inherited your Mama's looks. :(-->… It was the Tamatebako! -->… Oh, hello, Pekoms. -->… Oh, shut up, Brulee. -->… So, you see it, too, huh? -->… Your crazy-ass Mama's going on another one of her rampages again. -->… You just now remembered that?! -->… That's what the idiot gets for lying his ass off. -->… Yup, you're screwed. -->… Of course. When all else fails, blame it on the Straw Hats. :roll:-->… You better start running, when she finds out that they don't have the cake, Perospero. -->… You can ride on Zeus?! :ohnoes:-->… Yup. You're boned. -->… Ugh. Pudding. :X-->… What're you gonna do? Shoot her if she doesn't help you? -->… Oh, that's lot don't know about her wicked nature. -->… Especially you, Perospero. -->… Bitch doesn't even have the guts to go and kill him herself. :X-->… Well, she's not wrong about that. -->… Hey, wait, you're supposed to be dead! -->…… Ah, whatever. You gotta bounce! -->… Pedro, this is Nami we're talking about. -->… THEY DON'T HAVE IT, YOU CRAZY-ASS BITCH!!!! -->…

The Seven Deadly Sins 226-
Why's it called "Wild"? Hot. :D-->… Wait, Meliodas! :ohnoes:-->… Oh, snap! -->… Too easy... -->… It's like a meteor shower! -->… Oh, right. Barrier. -->…… Of course it was a clone... -->… Melascula...! :pissed:-->…… Dammit! -->… 1,000...? :(-->… Another one of Melascula's abilities. -->… Escanor, hush! -->… Damn. :X-->… So you know of his curse, too, huh? -->… I want that bitch's blood...! :chainsaw:-->… What?! -->… Ah, dammit! -->…… Aww. :happycry:-->…

Black Lagoon 90-
Wow...that's deep.

Pudding's nothing but a gutless coward. :X She can threaten her all she wants, but Chiffon will never help her make that cake. Not only that, but Chiffon's safe within Bege's body. She'll never get her. And I really don't know how Luffy's going to convince BM that he doesn't have the wedding cake...guess there's no other option but to fight the insane big bitch. :(
Goddamn that Melascula...! :angered:
I really liked this month's Black Lagoon. :D Feng's right about Rock. Though Rock should know this: When "helping" out someone, don't always expect gratitude.

Tell me what you think...if Pudding and/or Melascula aren't limp and bloody corpses by the time the arcs are done, I will be very unhappy.
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The service went well.

I said my tribute to my Dad. He looked so different in his coffin. He looked as if he were at peace.

Afterwards, we had a celebration dedicated to him and it lasted from 9:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M.

The music was loud. Surprised I haven't gone deaf. At any rate, things went all right.

A lot of people kept asking me if I was okay, and I told them that I wasn't. I don't think I'll ever be okay.

My Mom will be taking his body to Ghana, because that's where we're burying him. Shannon and I won't be going with her, because it'll be too crowded at his memorial. We'll go next year.

Not many people know this, but my Dad was a famous soccer player. You can look up Robert Hammond, and you'll find pictures of him.

At any rate, I will miss my Dad.
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Beverly Naa Ayeley Hammond
United States
Current Residence: Ichigo's

Favourite genre of music: Anything with a good beat.

Favourite photographer: Anybody who takes pics of my fav characters!

Favourite style of art: Any art interests me.

Operating System: -

MP3 player of choice: Ipod touch

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Wallpaper of choice: ♥Itachi-san!♥

Skin of choice: ♥Sesshy-kun!♥

Favourite cartoon character: Inuyasha, Naruto, Sakura, Ariel, Melody, Luffy, Nami, etc.

Personal Quote: I don't really have one...

I'm also at Archiveofourown. Look me up there.


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